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All Day Silent Mindful Practice Days


Sunday 19th November 2023
9.45 am - 4.30 pm


An opportunity to take kind time for yourself amidst the hustle and bustle of life.

Venue: Hellens Manor Haywain Barn, HR8 2YL


Cost: £55 to include a light lunch and drinks.

A warm and cosy, atmospheric and serene venue, it is a wonderful space to give yourself a day of taking care of your Well Health.

This day will be a silent retreat, with the mindful invitation to become present in a contemplative and kindly approach, helping nourish and refresh our sense of wellbeing.


We are not stepping out of our life, rather stepping into whatever arises in the moment, giving ourselves compassionate and generous attention, allowing an unfolding into presence, in a supportive and kindly environment.


There will be a number of lying, sitting and movement meditation practices, with time to reflect and rest, to absorb and be, in a supportive and warm environment.


Teas and coffees will be available all day and we will have a light, wholesome lunch such as soup and bread and fruit. We will have tea and cake at the end of the day.

HELLENS MANOR to see more click here
What you will need to bring


  • A yoga mat

  • A blanket

  • Cushions/blocks for your head and to support under your knees if needed.


This day is suitable for


Those who have little or some meditation experience/practice, who wish to explore mindfulness meditations and/or have attended mindfulness courses or similar. This is an opportunity for people who wish to explore and/or deepen their attention to mindful development and awareness of self, with compassion and intuitive wisdom.


The nature of the day is often deeply contemplative for people and may not be suitable for people who are experiencing acute mental health episodes and similar conditions. Please contact me to discuss any queries regarding this.

General programme for the day...


9.45-10.00      Arrival and tea and coffee


10.00-10.15     Welcome and housekeeping/guidelines


10.15-11.00      Meditation Practice

11.15-12.00      Meditation Practice

12.15-12.30      Teas/coffees

12.30-13.00    Movement Practice


13.00-13.30    Lunch

13.30-14.15     Rest/reflection/explore time

14.15-15.00     Practice

15.15-16.00     Practice with closing circle

16.00-16.30   Tea and cake, reflection and chatting.

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